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In the seder meal what does salt water represent?
What is transubstantiation?
What is the lectern?
What is the name of the Jewish New Year?
What does kosher mean?
What does the bread and wine represent?
Why are there stained glass windows in churches?
What is placed on the altar?
Which denomination do not have Holy Communion?
What is a mezuzah?
Name a christian belief
What does Ner Tamid mean?
What is a covenant?
What is the definition of a church?
Why is the kippah worn?
What was Abraham willing to sacrifice for God?
What is a tefillin?
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What must Jews not eat together?
When is the Sabbath?
Where are scrolls read in a synagogue?
What is Haroset?
What are the five main denominations? (in alphabetic order)
What is the difference between the Bar and Bat Mitzvah?
Where is the Torah kept in a synagogue?
What was the last deadly plague?
Name one difference between Orthodox and Reform?
What does a Bar/Bat Mitzvah represent?
What happens at a baptism?
What is the Jewish place of worship?
What does a baptism symbolise?
What must Jews not do on the Sabbath
What do roasted egg, bitter herbs and lettuce represent?
What would a boy wear at a Bar Mitzvah?
How many candles does the menorah have?
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What do the tassles on a tallith represent?
What is used to read the Torah with?
What is the Holy Trintity?
What is Hannukah?
How many different groups of Christians are there?
What shape is a typical Church?
What is a font?
Why is Passover important to Jews?
What do Roman Catholics call Holy Communion?
What is confirmation?
What is the responsibilty of a godparent?
Where does a rabbi stand?
What represents the blood on the doors when the Angel of Death came and passed over?
What is the word for food rules?
What are similarities between Orthodox and Reform?
What is consubstantiation?
Where is a Christian service read from?

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