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Bluebell, John! I've got Bluebell, the case of the __ __ __ __ __ rabbit. NATO's in an uproar.Sherlock-John
You being all mysterious with your __. And turning your __ __ up so you look coolJohn-Sherlock
John? John! You are __, you are __! Sherlock-John
You'll never be the most __ of people, but as a __ __ __, you're unbeatable! Sherlock-John
This is Mycroft isn't it? One mention of __ and he sends down my handler to spy on me __! Is that' why you're calling yourself '__'? Sherlock-Lestrade
Get out. I need to go to my __ __.Sherlock-John/Dr Stapleton
Your mind, it's so placid, straight-forward, barely used. Mine's like an __, racing out of control. A __, tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the __ __. I need a __! Sherlock-John
Mycroft's name literally __ __.John-Sherlock
Murder, Dr. Stapleton. Refined, __ __ __. Will you tell little Kirstie what happened to __ or shall I?Sherlock-Dr Stapleton
Hang on. You thought it was in the __. You were convinced it was in the __.John-Sherlock
QuoteAnswerWho said it to who?
I knew what effect it had on a __ mind so I needed to try it on an __ one. You know what I mean.Sherlock-John
Some people who aren't geniuses have an __ __ to __ it in others. Sherlock-John
Did we just break in to a __ __ to investigate a rabbit?John-Sherlock
Yes, if I wanted __ I'd read John's __ to his girlfriends. Much funnierSherlock-Henry
How about a __ cuppa? Perhaps you could put away your __.Mrs Hudson-Sherlock
Twenty year old disappearance, a __ __. I wouldn't miss this for the __!Sherlock-John
__ __ just under the half-second. Client.Sherlock-John
Phone Lestrade. Tell him there's an __ __.Sherlock-John
I need something stronger than tea! __ percent stronger. Sherlock-Mrs Hudson/John
Once you rule out the __, whatever remains, however __, must be __.Sherlock-John

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