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Can you name the quotes from the 1988 film Major League?

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Forced Order
'Hats for bats....'Cerrano
'You may run like Mays....'Brown
'What the hell league you been playin in?'...Hayes/Vaughn
'So he sets and deals....'Doyle
'I only got one thing to say to you Vaughn...'Dorn
'Going somewhere Meat?'...Hayes
'Well I guess there's only one thing left to do...'Taylor
'Monty, anything to add?'....Monty
'We don't know where Hayes played last year...'Doyle
'This guy here is dead!'...Board member/Phelps
'What's that s*** on your chest?'...Vaughn/Harris
'Yo bartender....'Harris
'Nice catch Hayes...'Brown
'Cerrano's looking for some extra power for tonight. He's looking to...'Hayes
'The post game show is brought to you by...'Doyle
'Come on Dorn...'Brown
'I heard that ballplayers make a lot of money. How much do you make?'...Claire Holloway/Taylor
'Yeah would I bulls*** you about something like that?' ...Taylor/Brown
'How's your wife......?'Heywood
'The American Express card: ....'Hayes

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