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marine fauna; invertebrate swimmers
hooved herbivores
tiny spherical floating forms who make up deep sea sediment
oldest Eukaryote fossil- 2.1 Ga
3 domains of life
formation of Pangea
largest Precambrian shield
resembling mammals; legs vertical beneath the body with complex and powerful jaws
earliest example of modern plate tectonics
Dates of Creatceous mass extinction
the intrusive igneous is always younger than its surrounding rock
What were the secrets to the success of Angiosperms?
blunt tooth shell crushers (enormous turtles)
age of the moon
each atom with a unique atomic weight
when depositional environments migrate laterally; sediments fo one enviornment lie on top of those from the adjacent one
Age of Dinosaurs
Formation of the moon
all strata are horizontal when they form
similar biological forms evolve in groups that belong to different branches of the tree of life
large armored-head, jawed fish who fed on smaller fishes
burial of trees -> decrease O2
evidence of a meteor impact;high concentrations of an element that is rare on earth but common in meteorites
counteracting forces that stabilizes systems
oldest boens applied to the Homo genus?
Earth's Absolute Age
sea spreads landward
natural balance; the root is as big as the mountain
when did humans invent agriculture?
How did Primates migrate to North America?
Humans are the only living descendent of (blank)
an abrupt shift back to full glacial conditions; 13,000 years ago
large portions of continent that have undergone no substantial tectonic deformation
when/ where did Homo Sapiens evolve?
increasing wavelengths as light travels through space- supports big bang theory
produced fossils in the from of cysts
fish-like vertebrates with fossilized teeth
most abundant rock of our surface
bony fishes characterized by symmetrical trails, specialized fins, and short jaws
spreading of trees -> increase O2
first hominid species to to migrate past Africa
first skeletal fossil- Neoproterozoic
two groups of mammals
carried tropical warm waters from the Pacific through the Mediterranean/Gulf of Mexico and back
amniotic egg
composition of early ocean
mountain building from compression of continental crust and additional igneous material
the oldest strata lie at the bottom and higher strata are excessively younger
arthropods with heavily calcified, segmented bodies
Swimmer; pursued prey by jet propulsion
similar rocks on opposite sides of the valley seem to have been connected
3 glacial centers
structure allowing respiration
first reptiles to invade the marine realm w/ paddle like limbs (modern seal)
sedimentary process that removes CO2 from the atmosphere
the physical and chemical principles operating today have operated the same throughout history
what period did the trilobites suffer their last extinction
fragmentation of Pangea
an organism whose cells are characterized by a nucleus and other complex structures
Cope's Rule
formation of early atmosphere
large rocks far from their parent bed rock that are too large to have been transported by any means other than continental glaciers
Age of Mammal
start of the modern Ice Age
recreated early environments through the use of amino acids incorporated into proteins
'fish lizard'- top predator, marine mammal
'the present is the key to the past'
last glacial maximim?
seaward migration of shoreline
destroys systems through one directional force
Select extinction of small tooth herbivores can be attributed to...
emergence of earliest homminids
What animal evolved from a carnivorous land to a large marine predator during the Eocene?
animal intermediate in from between Humans and Apes
Dollo's Law

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