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I hope you and Voldemort live happily ever after, 'cause me, I'm never going to be happy again. So, I'm just going to go curl up in my ____ ______ and sleep for days.Ron Weasley
You can't just go to ________! It's on Mars! You need a rocket ship! Do you have a rocket ship?Draco Malfoy
Well, I believe everything has it's place. Muggles have their place. Mudbloods have their place. and so do your clothes! Namely, a ________!Lord Voldemort
I'll be in the _____ ____, painting a picture of the stupid looks on your faces.Severus Snape
Silly me, ____ tomato ketchup is what Hungarian Horntails love best of allSeverus Snape
You can call me Voldemort, we're there, we've reached _____ _____Lord Voldemort
That is a ____ ______ poster!Ron Weasley
And remember a portkey can be any sort of seemingly harmless object like a football or a ______.Severus Snape
I want Hermione Granger! and a _____ _____!Draco Malfoy
You guys, go barricade the door. Cho, you see if Neville's dead. You guys go get ______... Aw, sh*t, we barricaded to door. I will... I will quit.Ron Weasley
But I'm TIRED, can't we just be _____ ______Draco Malfoy
What the HELL is a ______?Albus Dumbledore
QuoteMissing LineSpeaker
Where are you going?! I'm still ____ ___ ___!Ron Weasley
Get me some Nasonex you ____!Lord Voldemort
That sucked royal _______Gregory Goyle
Severus Snape is the kindest, bravest, gentlest, _____ man I have ever met!Albus Dumbledore
I can't believe I couldn't figure out the counter curse was just '____'!Gregory Goyle
It's gonna be _____ ______!Everyone
Awww, now two people are ____ __ ___Lord Voldemort
Did your turban just sneeze? No, that was simply a ___.Quirinus Quirrell
Can you tell me how ____ ends?Harry Potter
If it makes you feel any better the last guy who died in the tournament __ _ _______Albus Dumbledore
I wanna take you up to Winnipeg! That's __ ______!Harry Potter
You're acting like ____ on a Monday!Hermione Granger
QuoteMissing LineSpeaker
If this _____ ____ ____ won't convince you....Draco Malfoy
Don't suggest a giant slide or a ______, because we already tried those.Lord Voldemort
What the ____ is going on here?Severus Snape
Voldemort ____ b*tchesLord Voldemort
Am I _____?Draco Malfoy and later Ron Weasley
Hey, eterntal ____, already got thatHarry Potter
______? No thanks! I'll stay dehydratedDraco Malfoy
I've got a ____ __ ___ ____, I don't want your gushersDraco Malfoy
You think that killing people will make them like you, but it doesn't it just makes them _____.Lord Voldemort
I have this present left to me by my dad. My dad that's dead. My father's dead. I have a ____ _____.Harry Potter
Hufflepuff's are particularly good ______!Cedric Diggory

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