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A Disney movie when watched backwards is about a woman learning her place.
A movie that is too trippy for a stoned person to watch.
The most balanced movie of all time, and what made Pixar.
Drunk. Juiced. Wasted.
One of the worst Disney movies ever made. Disney is believed to have almost gone under after making this monstrosity. Aladdin, however, saved the company because it was amazing.
The best possible way to end a great movie Trilogy.
A Disney movie that for some reason exists in every stoner's personal collection.
Steal from the Rich. Give to the Poor. Kill a brave knight. Marry a wh*re.
The act of having an erection, but denial of witnessing anything arousing.
Seal and Heidi Klum.
The condition someone has of being so delusionally happy you want to punch the person.
Has some really excellent songs which, as it turns out, are relevant for almost any occasion.
A classic tale revealing the evils of capitalism.
An adorable doe-eyed human being, with the best bouffant atop of his beautiful head. Also known as 'Andrew Garfield.'
When a strange person hooks up with another person either equally or more weird then themselves.
A Disney movie that spoofs all the older classics like Snow White and so on.
A clever and entertaining feature length cartoon made by Pixar and marketed by Disney.
Not down.
Someone who makes a big deal out of nothing; a drama queen.
A film from the Disney Pixar studios, characterised by the fact that on the advertising the title is spelt phonetically.

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