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Ruler InformationRuler
his death brought about the Time of Troubles
spoke Russian and converted to the Russian Orthodox Church; maintained good relations with the nobility; gains a port on the Black Sea; contributes to the partitioning of Poland
lost the Crimean War; suppressed Polish revolt; abolishes serfdom; expanded Russian empire to Japan; revolutionaries come out under his rule
wants better relations with the U.S.; works with President Regean
represented new mindset of Bolsheviks; takes over after Lenin; supported collectivization; leads rapid industrialization; in charge of the Great Purge
challenged by Moscow troops; formed an autocracy; use of secret police; launched the Official Nationality program; established the concept of Russification
Czar of Russia; married to Catherine the Great
last Romanov ruler; developed the Russian economy; helps to usher in the Industrial Revolution in Russia; known to be weak and incompetent in making decisions; abdicates the throne
Ruler InformationRuler
representative of Russia in the Congress of Vienna; wanted more land; Enlightenment ideals until the Napoleonic Invasion of Russia; dies with no clear heir to the throne
builds up Russian army and navy; modernizes/westernizes Russia; detaches boyars from their traditional culture; reorganizes government; reorganizes the Russian Orthodox Church
repressive rule; tries to reverse Alexander II’s reforms
said that he would work with the United States; invades Afghanistan; continues conflict with United States on nuclear weaponry, space race, etc.
1st elected president of Russia
first president of Russia; against the coup; rough relationship with Parliament
claimed to be nothing like Stalin; called for peaceful co-existence with the West (short-lived); built the Berlin Wall; began the space race; forced to resign for being too lenient
lays out a program for revolution consisting of the unification of the proletariat and peasantry; leader of the Bolsheviks; believed that the workers/peasants needed to unite

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