Shy Words and Their Escorts

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Can you name the words that complete these phrases in which a given word is rarely used without the other?

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There are certain words that are almost never seen without a certain other word nearby, like an extremely shy person who is afraid to go out in public without their best buddy along to give moral support. For example, you never see a CABOODLE out on its own; it only appears if there's a KIT there to accompany it. In this quiz, each clue contains one of these "shy" words, and the answer is the other word that it wants as an escort.
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at one's BECK and ____
_____ and DESIST
a MOTLEY ____
in ____ FETTLE
to ___ and HAW
in ____ DUDGEON
_____ by one's own PETARD
a FIGMENT of one's ___________
KITH and ___
_____ and CRANNIES
mind your P's and ___
_____ SHRIFT
VIM and _____
________ DERVISH
the _____ SHEBANG

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