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This English actor has appeared in more than 100 movies, including Lethal Weapon 2, The Hunt for Red October, and The Mighty Ducks.(1928-)
As Ecumenical Patriarch he is the primary spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox church; he shares his (ecclesiastical) name with a Dr Seuss character.(1940-)
This saxophone-playing bandleader had a brother who was a trombone-playing bandleader.(1904-1957)
This Chicago-born actor played a criminal in Get Shorty and Midnight Run, and cop on Law & Order and Crime Story.(1944-2013)
This bespectacled race car driver, known as 'The Kansas City Flash', was the first American to compete regularly in the Formula One.(1932-1985)
In 2011 this platinum-selling rap star began serving time in prison for gun possession and tax evasion.(1976-)
Born in England, this religious visionary and activist crossed the Atlantic and became leader of the Shaker movement in America.(1736-1784)
A lead dancer in his younger years, he starred on All My Children throughout his 60s, 70s, and 80s.(1920-2010)
The last of the Renaissance popes, he excommunicated Henry VIII, and he received the dedication for Copernicus's master work.(1468-1549)
This diminutive baseballer of the 19th century created the shortstop position and pioneered the 'tricky hit' which became today's bunt.(1836-1908)
This Hall-of-Fame hockey player, nicknamed the 'Pocket Rocket', won 11 Stanley Cups as a player, an NHL record.(1936-)
This motivational speaker, author of 'Awaken the Giant Within', is 6-ft-7-in (2.0 m) tall.(1960-)
This composer, renowned for overtures, wrote William Tell and the Barber of Seville.(1792-1868)
A singing star in the 1940s, she went on to host her own television variety show and a major women's golf tournament.(1916-1994)
The first woman to win ten Winter Olympic medals, this champion skier medaled in five Olympic Games — four for the Soviet Union and one for the Unified team. (1952-)
Born in the Ukraine, this UCLA law professor is known for his books on the First Amendment and his 'conspiratorial' law blog.(1968-)
This legend from the early days of Hollywood directed A Star Is Born, Beau Geste, the Ox-Bow Incident, and Wings.(1896-1975)
This serial killer was portrayed on the big screen by Charlize Theron.(1956-2002)

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