Word Ladder: Been President, Done That

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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder honoring the 11th U.S. president?

Updated Oct 17, 2013

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ U.S. President in 1845-1849 and subject of this word ladder ★
Meat from a pig
Public place where people play
★ Because of his surprise victory at the 1844 Democratic convention, he is known as a '____ horse' candidate. ★
Something thrown at a board
Place to put items when shopping
What electors do to their votes
★ One of his rivals for the nomination: politician and general Lewis ____(who did get the nomination in 1848) ★
Cylindrical soda containers
Walking stick
Ice cream delivery device
★ How many children he had ★
★ Number of ballots at the convention (On the first seven ballots, he received no votes at all!) ★
Common response to 'How are you?'
It's what's for dinner
Silly or stupid person
Athlete's infraction
Oregon expansionist slogan:'Fifty-____ Forty or Fight!'
How lemon or vinegar tastes
A drunk might do this to his speech
Clue4-Letter Word
Dirty, crowded part of a city
Shut a door angrily
Kill a monster or other foe
★ His opponent in the general election was veteran politician Henry ____, who had run twice before ★
What appreciative audiences do
Short music or video excerpt
Item in a poker pot
What a hard taskmaster cracks
★ Aforementioned opponent Henry was a leader of this political party. ★
Old Scottish word meaning to beg
★ Unlike William Howard Taft, he was relatively this. ★
★ Unlike Rutherford B. Hayes, he did not have a beard on his this. ★
Originate a phrase
Become part of a larger group (like Texas and the U.S. in 1845)
★ Incumbent president ____ Tyler, at odds with his party, did not run. ★
Roy ____, McCarthy era prosecutor
What Americans call maize
Where an apple's seeds reside
Restore to health
Six-sided regular polyhedron
★ He offered $100 million to Spain for this island, but they declined. ★
A large brass instrument
Clue4-Letter Word
What baths are taken in
File folder protrusions
Skin decorations, for short
Large containers where wine ferments
Soldiers who returned from the Mexican War, for short
★ As president, he did this to Congress's Rivers and Harbors Act. ★
Mother of Apollo and Artemis
Tonight Show host Jay
Provide to a borrower
Watch over something, like a bar
★ Like his mentor Andrew Jackson, he hailed from this state (abbrev.). ★
A migrating sea bird
★ True to his promise, he did not seek a second one of these. ★
Group of ball players
Site for stitches
Something fake, possibly a pillow cover
Pygmalion author George Bernard, or Jaws and The Sting actor Robert
There's no business like this business.
What Frosty is made of
Be acquainted with
★ His middle name (and his mother's maiden name); also a fort known for a precious metal ★

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