Hard-to-Type Letters and Symbols

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Can you name the non-standard characters by typing them on your computer keyboard?

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Do you know how to type those funny symbols and international characters on your computer? To answer, just type the character described. NOTE: Depending on your browser, you may need to type a space after the character to make Sporcle accept it.
DescriptionCharacterHow to Type It
N with a tilde on it,
used in Spanish
E with an acute accent,
used in French
A with a grave accent,
used in Italian
U with an umlaut,
used in German
C with a cedilla,
used in French
O with a slash, used in
Danish and Norwegian
German double-S character, looks sort of like a B
Symbol for cents, looks like
a c with a slash through it
Symbol for pounds, looks like a fancy L with a crossbar
Symbol for yen, looks like
a Y with a crossbar
Symbol for euros, looks like
a C with two crossbars
DescriptionCharacterHow to Type It
ae ligature, makes 'encyclopaedia' look fancy
Upside-down question mark, used in Spanish
Bullet, used to highlight items in a list
Em dash, a long horizontal line
Copyright symbol, looks like
a C in a circle
Paragraph symbol, looks sort of like a backward P
Section symbol, looks like two S's overlapping
Divide symbol, a dash with two dots
The fraction 1/2 written in a single character
Lowercase Greek letter pi, represents 3.14159...
Infinity symbol, looks like a sideways 8

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