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Can you name the words and names that share a common pattern or theme?

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A three-holed, pin-toppling sphere
What Moses saw on Mount Horeb
Intersection at the center of London
'Accidentally in Love' band
Acts of swashbuckling bravado
Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, et al
A rapid-fire weapon patented in 1862
A bit of assistance given to another
A common calisthenic exercise
The female star of a show
Proverbially, there is this under the sun.
Gutenberg's invention
A space on the (U.S.) Monopoly board
Another name for a meteor
Ailment carried by the tsetse fly
Chemicals used to rouse one who fainted
A means of advancement, or part of a path
Pilgrimage site in Jerusalem
Tree with famously pendulous branches
Where you might drop a coin hopefully

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