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Can you name the words and names that share a common pattern or theme?

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South American desert, dryest in the world
Hindu god of creation
A punctuation mark
Title of Tenzin Gyatso,
1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Enclosed three-dimensional model
A movie genre, or staged play
Portuguese explorer, first to sail to India
Founder of Buddhism
Island 100 km east of Palm Beach, Florida
Large domesticated South American mammal
1944 play: I Remember ____
1999 musical: _____ Mia
1987 film: Throw _____ from the Train
A U.S. president
Something you might wear to bed
Lord of Ayodhya, 7th incarnation of Vishnu
Scale, as on a fish or a snake
Distressing experience, physical or emotional
Second largest city in Japan,
or a tire manufacturer
Battle site where Scipio defeated Hannibal

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