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Can you name the words and names that share a common pattern or theme?

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Food of the gods
Korean or Pakistani, e.g.
Blue, like the sky
Light brown
1970s Soviet leader
Relaxed, informal
A basic arithmetic operation
Bond's profession, Fuchs' crime
1940 Disney film
A place to park the car
Category of art
Creator of Tintin
Stage magician's art
Director Godard or captain Picard
Expensive indulgence
Something you might get at a spa
Lead dancer for Ballet Russes
Sometimes, but not often
What a hedonist values
Cheek coloring
What a hermit lives in
Gulag Archipelago author
The small screen
Where the money is kept
Out of the ordinary
One who imagines the future
Doctor in a 1965 film
Nickname of Sári Gábor

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