Mixed Word: Almost Sporcle

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Can you name the scrambled words that are almost 'Sporcle'?

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SPARCLERe-seller of tickets
SPIRCLEBioShock enemy, or an editing tool
SPURCLEA feeling of conscience
SPOICLEWatches over and enforces the rules
SPOUCLETightly framed shot, or toothpaste brand
SPORCHEA maker of sports cars
SPORCIEXerox products
SPORCUEGets back one's investment
SPORCSEA series of actions or operations
SPORCTERotary-wing vehicles, for short
SPORCFEMedical tool resembling tongs or tweezers
SNORCLEOnes who reproduce asexually
SKORCLEStorage places, at school or the gym
SVORCLEThe ones with four leaves are lucky
SWORCLEOne who makes an angry face
SUORCLESense of completion
SEORCLEHybrid languages
SPORPLEPushes forward
SPORALESupervised releases from prison
SPORELERomeo and Juliet, for example
SPORILEOne who gives away movie endings
SPORYLEHansen's disease

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