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When did Walt Disney World Open(Month, day and year)
People who work there are called--
How many parks are currently in Disney World?--
'All you come to this happy place welcome. Disneyland is...' What's the next line--
What was the last ride Walt helped to create--
What was the first ride he rode on in WDW--
What does EPCOT stand for--
What is the name of the mountain on Spalsh Mountain--
Who narrates the Spalsh Mountain ride--
Do the parks sell gum--
Which ride had to have Imagineers create technology more advanced than NASA had to complete its design--
How many feet tall is EPCOT's Spaceship Earth--
What is the name of the barbershop on Main Street U.S.A.--
What is the tallest attraction in WDW--
Who led the first official visitor into the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 1971--
'There's a great big beautiful ___________'--
What band are you listening to in Rock 'n' Rollercoaster--
'Mr. Blue Bird on my ______________'--
What parade celebrated Disney's 25th anniversary --
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
How many tires are on a Test Track car--
How many miles an hour are the Test Track cars designed to withstand--
Which ride lets you travel through EPCOT's greenhouse--
How many ghosts are in the Haunted Mansion--
Can you get to and from Magic Kingdom using a monorail--
Who sponsers the cars at Test Track--
'Wishes _____ 'em free'--
It's a world of ________ a world of ______ separated by a comma
How tall is the last drop in Splash Mountain--
What is the largest store in Walt Disney World--
The icon of Magic Kingdom is...--
The icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios is...--
The icon of Animal Kingdom is...--
The icon of EPCOT is...the name of the attraction.
What is one of the official WDW color--
Another one--
Next color--
One more--
Where is the happiest place on Earth

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