Famous WWII People (Pictures)

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Can you name the these famous people of WWII??

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Axis Dictator
1st 1 
UK Politician
1st 2 
US Politician
1st 3 
Axis General
1st 4 
Allied General
1st 5 
Allied Dictator
1st 6 
US Politician
1st 7 
Axis Monarch
2nd 1 
Axis Admiral
2nd 2 
Allied General
2nd 3 
French Politician
2nd 4 
Axis Dog
2nd 5 
Allied General
2nd 6 
Axis Dictator
2nd 7 
UK General, Africa
2nd 8 
Axis General, 'Little Lackey'
3rd 1 
Axis Politician
3rd 2 
British PM
3rd 3 
Axis Politician
3rd 4 
Allied Admiral
3rd 5 
Allied Admiral, 'Bill' or 'Bull'
3rd 6 
German Resistance, drafted Valkyrie
3rd 7 
Axis General, planned 'sickle cut'
3rd 8 
Axis General, 'fat' or 'fat pig'
4th 1 
Norwegian Politician, Traitor
4th 2 
French General
4th 3 
Holocaust Victim
4th 4 
American Aviator, isolationist
4th 5 
Hitler's Spanish bedfellow
4th 6 
Allied General
4th 7 

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