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Metamorphosis completed.Yours to command.
xxxxx reporting. (Hint: Terran)It's getting too hot!
You want a piece of me, boy?We could use some help here!
Teleport successful.They've broken through.
brrr-er-er-er (Hint: Smallest zerg unit)eeeeeeee
xxxxx online. (Hint: Terran)This vessel requires assistance!
I serve. (Hint: Zerg)Lead me.
OooOoooo-hoo-oo (Hint: Fast & flies)poof
Froof-kae-keehhhh (Hint: Flies & shoots air only)keaarrrhhhh
Love at first sight. (Hint: Campaign super-unit)Hope this thing's insured.
bbb-b-b-b (Hint: Able to burrow and move)squeeee
ke-ke-ke (Hint: Fast)keeeee :(
xxxxxxx online. (Hint: Terran) (Campaign)Assistance required.
Assimilation successful.Service complete.
What needs killing? (Campaign)Get me outta here!
Engines screaming.Mayday! Mayday!
Ooororggh? (Hint: Poops creep)pooft
Who called in the fleet?It's a trap!
blaagh-agh (Hint: Looks like a grub)kablapt
Ready to roll out!I'm in deep!
Additional supply depots required.Nuclear launch detected.
Ourgh-oo-oo-ugh (Hint: Flies & shoots ground only)ooo-oo-oo-rggh
KABOOM, baby!I'm in a world of hurt!
Ooaghooh (Hint: Detects invisible)poooft
You must construct additional pylons!Base is under attack!
I am here in the shadows.Fall back to the shadows!
Kerhahhh (Hint: Creates buildings)splat
keeeeee? (Hint: Lifespan of like 5 seconds)keeeek
Commander? (Hint: Best campaign unit)Game over, man! I'm done! Done! Don't wanna play anymore!
Need a light? (Campaign)Mmmm... My goose is getting cooked!
Bloop-beep-boop (Hint: Uses thermal lance)Boop-beep
From the shadows I come!I...cannot maintain!
Ready to plunder.Can't hold them alone!
Prismatic core online.Prismatic core failing...
Ready for dust-off.Somebody get me out of this mess!
Alright! Bring it on! (Campaign)How about lending a hand?
Ready to raise some hell!Uhh... I'm in a heap of trouble!
xxxxxx awaiting orders. (Hint: Terran) (Campaign)Whoah, they're all over me!
My life for Aiur!We cannot hold!
The merging is complete!Dispersing.
xxx ready. (Hint: Terran)I'm too young to die!
Explorer reporting. (Campaign)I'm in a pickle!
Spawn more overlordssssssss.Evolution complete.
Ay, laddie! (Campaign)If I die, I'll kill ya!
Hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaah (Hint: Shoots spines)ka-splat
Brooooop? (Hint: Nexus)Ehhbloop
I have awakened. (Campaign)Where's my backup?
Ooorrrohashtpt (Hint: Goes boom)boom
The doctor is in. (Campaign)Umm. Better send some body bags!
Hooohhhhh (Hint: Big unit)boom-splat
Khassar de Templari!We cannot hold!
Teleport successful. (Campaign)Lend me your aid!
Vroo-oo-oom (Hint: Protoss shuttle)Swi-i-ee-sh!
The Grim xxxxxx has arrived. (Hint: Terran)We're screwed.
Karrahh-eee (Hint: Vomits on a building)splat
xxxx is here. (Hint: Terran)I'm on fire. No, really!
Justice has come!Defensive systems failing.
xxxxxxx has arrived! (Hint: Protoss)We are in peril!
Broom bleep beep' (Hint: Casts hallucination)Bre-ee-ee-ep-beep
I return to serve.The enemy closes.

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