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Kanji nameRomanized nameHints
是永 美記Gatas Brillhantes H.P. / Ongaku Gatas
川島 幸Gatas Brillhantes H.P.; joined 2004; left 2005; Currently married
能登 有沙Currently StylipS; self-proclaimed otaku
諸塚 香奈実Currently THE Possible
青木 英里奈Joined 2004; left 2008
田中 杏里Currently talent with Macbee Pro (agency)
大瀬 楓Formerly of THE Possible
仙石 みなみOngaku Gatas / Currently Up-Up Girls
澤田 由梨Gatas Brillhantes H.P. / Ongaku Gatas
武藤 水華Ongaku Gatas; was indie soloist
橋田 三令Currently indie soloist
古川 小夏Currently Up-Up Girls
橋本 愛奈Currently THE Possible
秋山 ゆりかCurrently THE Possible
大柳 麻帆Currently(?) taiko drummer
岡田ロビン翔子Currently THE Possible
後藤 夕貴Currently THE Possible
西念 未彩Joined 2004; left 2010
森 咲樹Currently Up-Up Girls
湯徳 歩美Tomoiki・Ki wo Uetai
北原 沙弥香MilkyWay / Currently Soloist
佐保 明梨Aa! / Currently Up-Up Girls
Kanji nameRomanized nameHints
岡井 明日菜Sister also joined Hello! Project
関恨 梓Currently Up-Up Girls
新井 愛瞳Currently Up-Up Girls
前田 彩里Shugo Chara Egg! / AKBN0
古峰 桃香Backdanced for in Onegai Dakara...; joined 2006; left 2010
小倉 愛実Joined 2006; left 2007
吉川 友MilkyWay / Currently soloist
金子 りえJoined 2008; left 2013/ former leader of Kenshuusei
瀬崎 あずさLeft before she even began... (2009)
佐藤 綾乃Currently Up-Up Girls; Backdanced for Genkimono de Ikou!
平野 智美Joined in 2009 at age 25; left in 2010
田邉 奈菜美Remains Kenshuusei / Shugo Chara Egg! (audition winner)
木沢 留那Joined and left 2010/ Currently Smile Gakuen (indie group)
長澤 和奏Joined 2010; left 2011/ Currently Sakura Girls (indie group)
吉橋 くるみRemains Kenshuusei / appeared in Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen
田口 夏実Remains Kenshuusei / Kanojo ni Naritai!!! unit
浜浦 彩乃Remains Kenshuusei / Kanojo ni Naritai!!! unit
大塚 愛菜Joined 2011; left 2013 / formerly Juice=Juice / MM 9th gen audition finalist
茂木 美奈実Joined 2011; left 2012 / MM 9th gen audition finalist
小川 麗奈Joined 2011 / Remains Kenshuusei
山賀 香菜恵Joined 2011; left 2012/ auditioned for S/mileage 2nd gen

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