Red vs. Blue Characters

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Can you name the characters from Red vs. Blue?

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Southern Accented Team LeaderRed Team
Resident SlackerRed Team
Red Team's Resident Kiss AssRed Team
Overly FlamboyantRed Team
Spanish Speaking RobotRed Team
Deceased Team LeaderBlue Team
AI Unit Turned Team LeaderBlue Team
Bom Chica Wow WowBlue Team
Mentally ChallengedBlue Team
Perverse New RecruitBlue Team
A Ghost of a FreelancerFreelancer
TankTank/Blue Team
Technical SupportNeutral
AI Unit: AngerAI Unit
AI Unit: DeceitAI Unit
AI Unit: LogicAI Unit
AI Unit: MemoriesAI Unit
BombIncendiary Device
Quest's for a SwordAlien Species
Bouncing Baby AlienAlien Species
Time LooperFreelancer
Lead Mission to Destroy All AI UnitsFreelancer
AI CollectorFreelancer
Head of Project FreelancerFreelancer

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