Lacrosse Referee Signals

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Can you name the Lacrosse Referee Signals

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Arm out with 1 finger out
Arm out with 2 fingers up
Bent arm waves up and down
Both arms in front with closed fists
1 arm outstretched at shoulder level
1 hand grabs other wrist, same signal in football
Throws arm over shoulder with thumb out
Tap top of head
Hands on hips, same as football
Arms above head, same as touchdown or field goal in football
Point toward stick in hand
Arms together above head, same as safety in football
Official points to head
Bent arm goes up
Arms outstretched with palms down, same signal in football
Both arms form 'T', same signal in basketball
One hand crosses other, similar to personal foul in football
Swing one arm at knee level
Arms crossed over chest
1 arm outstretched with open palm, 'stop' signal
Arm out with 3 fingers up

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