More Fresh or Rotten?

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Can you name the movie with the highest percentage according to the tomatometer (Rotten Tomatoes)??

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Marvel Movies (Iron Man/Spider Man/X-Men)
Stanley Kubrick Movies (A Clockwork Orange/Lolita/2001: A Space Odyssey)
Pixar Movies (Monsters. Inc/Finding Nemo/ Ratatouille)
Best Picture Academy Award Winner (The Hurt Locker/Slumdog Millionaire/Amadeus)
Harry Potter Movie (Goblet Of Fire/Prisoner of Azkaban/Chamber of Secrets)
Comedy Movie (Superbad/The Hangover/Knocked Up)
Robert Rodriguez Movies (Spy Kids/Sin City/Grindhouse)
Spanish Movies (Pan's Labyrinth/All About My Mother/The Sea Inside)
Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture (I Know Who Killed Me/Gigli/Dirty Love)
Sequel Movies (The Godfather II, The Dark Knight/Aliens)

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