MLB Owners 1981

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Can you name the 1981 MLB teams by principal owner?

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Eddie Chiles
Gene Autry
Gussie Busch
Ted Turner
John Fetzer
John Galbreath
Bob Lurie
The Chicago Tribune Co.
Edward Bennett Williams
Calvin Griffith
James & William Williams
Labatt Breweries, Ltd., Imperial Trust Ltd.
Jean R. Yawkey Trust, Haywood Sullivan, Buddy LeRoux
Bud Selig
Peter O'Malley & Terry Seidler
George Argyros
Jerry Reinsdorf
Doubleday & Co.
Walter Haas, Jr.
Ruly Carpenter
John McMullen
George Steinbrenner
Charles Bronfman
Ewing & Muriel Kauffmann
Steve O'Neill
Ray Kroc

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