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Where does Wendy ask Stan to meet?Episode 1
What b***h does Mr. Hat think has gotta die?Episode 2
What is Ned and Jimbo's excuse for killing innocent critters?Episode 3
What is Kenny's number in football?Episode 4
What is Dr. Mephesto's most common genetic mutation?Episode 5
What is Stan called by his grandpa?Episode 6
What costume do all the kids wear to school?Episode 7
How much does Jesus weigh?Episode 8
What celebrity is saving starving people in Africa? Episode 9
What is Mr. Hankey's famous line?Episode 10
After his plastic surgery, what celebrity does Mr. Garrison resemble?Episode 11
What horrible beast does Barbra Streisand turn into?Episode 12
Who did Eric first think his father was?Episode 13

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