The Life and Work of Jimi Simons esq.

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Can you name the important things about Jimi?

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What are Jimi's initials?
When is Jimi's Birthday?
What is Jimi's favourite type of Pokémon?
What is Jimi's favourite soup?
What is Jimi's favourite colour?
Where does Jimi hang his keys?
What book cover is on our notice board?
Where does Jimi work?
What noise can Jimi not stand?
What question did Jimi ask the Christians in return for a pancake?
What order did you and Jimi play Ravenhearst in?
What is Jimi's favourite Disney movie?
What days do I empty the bin?
What's Jimi's mum's favourite drink?
What is Jimi's homemade superpower?
What two pairs of coloured socks do Jimi own?
Chocolate or Sweets?
What day does Jimi go on holiday?
What colour is Jimi's cutlery?
What DVD is on the top of Jimi's pile of DVDs?
Who is Jimi's favourite person in the whole wide world?

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