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I pledge allegiance to my Grandma For that banana pudding, our piece of Americana Our apple pie was supplied through Arm and Hammer Straight out the kitchen, shh, don’t wake NanaMade in America
Now all my niggas designing and we all swaggin’ Ignore the critics just to say we did it This ain’t no fashion show mothafucka, we live itMade In America
Rappers hear Watch the Throne, they gon' be pissed off Earth is boring to 'em, s*** is making my d*** softLift Off
Psycho, I'm liable to go Michael Take your pick, Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6Niggas in Paris
It was all good just a week ago, niggas feel theyselves And that Watch the Throne drop, niggas kill themselvesH.A.M.
Can't you see the private jets flyin' over you? Maybach bumper sticker read 'What would Hova do?' Jay is chillin', 'Ye is chillin' What more can I say? We killin' 'em Otis
Welcome to Havana Smoking cubanos with Castro in cabanas Viva Mexico, Cubano Dominicano, all the plugs that I know Otis
And I’m from the murder capital where they murder for capital Heard about at least three killings this afternoonMurder to Excellence
From parolees to hold G’s, sold keys, low keys/ We like the promised land of the OG’s/ In the past if you picture events like a black tie/ What the last thing you expect to seeMuder to Excellence
What's Gucci my nigga? What's Louie my killa? What's drugs my deala? What's that jacket, Margiela?Niggas in Paris
LyricKanye Or Jay-ZSong
Ball so hard, let's get faded, Le Meurice for like 6 days Gold bottles, scold models, spillin' Ace on my sick J'sNiggas in Paris
Bueller had a Mueller, but I switched it for a Miele ‘Cause I’m richer, and prior to this s*** was movin’ freebaseGotta Have it
Hello, hello, hello, White America, assassinate my character Money matrimony, yeah, they tryna break the marriage upGotta Have IT
Charge it to the game, whatever’s left on it I spent about a minute, maybe less on it Fly pelican fly, turn the jets on it But first I shall digress on itWhy I Love You
I adopted these niggas, Phillip Drummond 'em Now I'm bout to make them tuck they whole summer in They say I'm crazy, well, I'm 'bout to go dumb againOtis
Tears on the mausoleum floor Blood stains the Colosseum doors Lies on the lips of a priest Thanksgiving disguised as a feastNo Church In the Wild
I wish I could give you this feelin’, I’m planking on a million I’m riding through yo’ hood, you can bank I ain’t got no ceilingGotta Have It
Street-smart and I’m book smart coulda been a chemist cause I cook smart Only thing that can stop me is me and I’mma stop when the hook start, hold upWho Gon Stop Me
Niggas talking, they bitchmade, Ixnay off my dicksnay That’s Pig Latin, itch-bay, who gon stop me huh?Who Gon Stop me

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