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Can you name the most spoken Native American Languages bu the 2000 census?

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Number of SpeakersTribeExtra Info
178,000 speakersAthabascan of the Na-Dene Family
22,000Iroquoian Language family.
18,000 (22,000 including Canada)Disincluding Lakota (8,000). Of the Siouan Language Family.
16,000 speakersPart of the Eskimo-Aleut Family, but are not Inuit.
12,150A southard athabascan language, related to but not mutually intelligible with Navajo
12,000+Uto-aztecan language along with Hopi, Comanche, Huichol and Aztec.
11,000Muskogean language family along with Seminole and Alabama.
11,000Largest of the Pueblo nations, but is a language isolate.
10,000Pueblo, a language isolate
17,000 (55,000 including Canada)Part of the Algonquian language family.

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