$3 Bills - 2000's TV (TV shows by third bill character)

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Can you name the $3 Bills - 2000's TV (TV shows by third bill character)?

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CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Abed Nadir2009-Present
Nate Archibald2007-Present
Jesse Pinkman2008-Present
Joy Turner2005-2009
Captain Leland Stottlemeyer2002-2009
Lindsay Bluth F√ľnke2003-2006 (for now)
Cheryl David2000-Present
Lt. Maria LaGuerta2006-Present
Ryan Atwood2003-2007
Deputy Jo Lupo2006-Present
Julie Taylor2006-2011
Sub-Commander T'Pol2001-2005
Tracy Jordan2006-Present
Artie Nielsen2009-Present
Deputy Travis Junior2003-2009
CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Ellie Bartowski2007-Present
Julia McNamara2003-2010
Detective Shane Vendrell2002-2008
Pam Beesly2005-Present
Dr. Eric Foreman2004-Present
Eric Delko 2002-Present
Kimball Cho2008-Present
Sue Sylvester2009-Present
Sean Garrity2004-2011
Captain Liberty2001-2001
Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman2002-2008
Nick Stokes2000-Present
Dean Venture*2003-Present
Sam Axe2007-Present
Shirley Schmidt2004-2008
CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Peter Petrelli2006-2010
Dinah Lance2002-2003
Robin Scherbatsky2005-Present
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes2004-Present
Dennis Reynolds2005-Present
Alma Garret2004-2006
Tony Almeida2001-2010
Abby Sciuto2003-Present
Hoban 'Wash' Washburne2002-2003
Claire Dunphy2009-Present
Bree Van De Kamp2004-Present
Lana Lang2001-2011
Cpt. Lee 'Apollo' Adama2004-2009
CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Atia of the Julii2005-2007
Pete Campbell2007-Present
Jason Stackhouse2008-Present
Jack Shephard2004-2010
Tom Haverford2009-Present
Logan Echolls2004-2007
Jake Harper2003-Present
Dr. Cristina Yang2005-Present
Carlton Lassiter2006-Present
Fernando Sucre2005-2009
Dr. Elliot Reid2001-2010
Dr. Spencer Reid2005-Present
Johnny 'Drama' Chase2004-2011

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