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Head cheerleader at Pearl Bailey High in American Dad.First and last name.
Daughter of a family of Disney superheroes with the ability to turn invisible.First and last name.
First character to appear in a wedding dress on FriendsFirst and last name.
Paramilitary organization in the Dragon Ball series.Full organization name.
A humanoid cat who does not talk and shares his name with the title of his cartoon.Character name.
Fairy tale character created by the Brothers Grimm who meets seven dwarves.First and last name.
Dog on a children's show in which the title character finds clues.Character name.
Lead character in 'Hogan's Alley'.Full title.
One of a team of six superheroes led by Captain America in the Marvel Comics universe.Hero identity or real name.
Nerdy character in Family Guy.First and last name. Color is only part of the answer.

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