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DescriptionMapLocation & Fighting Forces
German Shopping Center Berlin, Germany/SAS vs. Spetsnaz
Urban Environment with Downed Helicopter in the Center with Minigun Mogadishu, Somalia/PMC vs. Africa Militia
Many Long, Narrow Passages in Thailand Bangkok, Thailand/PMC vs. Spetsnaz
Factory with Many CatwalksSomalia, Africa/PMC vs. Spetsnaz
Abandoned NATO Military OutpostSomewhere in the Middle East/Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz
Based off Black TuesdayWall Street, New York City/Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz
Urban Environment with Abandoned Buildings and PlaygroundNear Prypiat, Ukraine/Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz
Construction SiteNew York City/Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz
DescriptionMapLocation & Fighting Forces
Destroyed HighwayNew Jersey/Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz
Map with Hanged Men and Giant Teddy Bear and Based on the Mission Blood BrothersPrague, Czech Republic/Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz
Bombed Out Church in Center and Based on Back on the GridSierra Leone, Africa/PMC vs. Africa Militia
NATO Military Compound Looks like Subbase from MW2Arctic Circle/Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz
Only Map to Have the GIGNParis, France/GIGN vs. Spetsnaz
Only Map to Have the Inner CircleNorthern Morocco/SAS vs. Inner Circle
Sub Surface London StationLondon, UK/SAS vs. Spetsnaz
Looks like Rundown from MW2Africa/PMC vs. Africa Militia

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