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He's ranked _______ in the AP College Football Poll
His _______ is considered currency in Argentina
He breast feeds _______
He framed _______
His foreskin is used as a tarp at _______ when it rains
_______ has a summer home in his groin
His family crest is a picture of a barracuda eating _______
He killed Wolfman Jack with a _______
He showers in _______
He feeds his baby _______
He named the group _______
He organized a merger between _______ and Smith & Wesson
Gene Roddenberry got the idea for _______ from Brasky talking in his sleep
All the _______ album covers are Brasky family photos
He wears a live _______ as a condom
He sleeps _______ hours a night
He'll eat a _______ person if you dare him
He once scissor kicked _______
He had a pet cobra named _______
He jumped off the Empire State Building and only _______
Like and alligator, he can fully digest a _______
He had a _______ day heart attack
He did all the make-up on the _______ movies
He still believes in _______ and wants to put him in porno films
He hated _______
And he was half _______
And he hated _______
His first name is _______
He uses the _______ as a golf towel
He once breast fed an injured _______ back to health
He once ate the _______ while water-skiing
He went public with his own _______ and made $7 million
He used to ride upon a _______, perchance to spy a lady
He thinks _______ is gay
He gave a _______ to a manta ray
The character of _______ was based on Brasky
...except for the part about planting apple trees and not _______
He taught his son how to drive by entering him in the _______
He once hosted the Grammys and gave every award to _______
Do you know Bill Brasky?

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