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DescriptionSmileyDate Added
Given as compensation for having to pay 1 cent for the chat.
This secret smiley is available only to members of the newsletter.
Sad Smiley
Finally, a Smiley for the girls.
The cousin of #21... except clad in red.
Form a secret group of smiley knights with this one.
A very sad smiley, for when you feel that way.
This smiley could be earned through a competition.
A Smiley to Celebrate the Holidays (It's a hard one, I'm sure...)
The Default Smiley
A smiley with it's tongue hanging from his mouth
So, apparently I forgot valentines day. Thus slightly delayed here is a smiley. (You'll need the date...)
Angry Smiley
The very angry smiley.
This smiley could also be earned through the same competition.
The perfect smiley for when you are going investigating
Smiley With a Big Grin
DescriptionSmileyDate Added
A smiley with a big grin and a major sunburn
This smiley came with a green hat and some light fixtures...
Most innocent smiley...ever!
With a grin and a squinting eye.
Want to help other people out when they get hurt?
It's finally here! the smiley that matches your skills!
Too cool for this place? Then this is the smiley for you!
You know what to do!
Show that you really love the game
Are you more machine than man? Then this will fit you!
A monocle and a top hat for you good sir!
For the real cool guys
Show that you really love the game!
A White Bearded Smiley
Possibly the only smiley as cool as the Ninja!
If you sent a letter to Denmark, you got this.
The perfect outfit for the map builder!

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