Word Ladder: Basketball

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this basketball-themed word ladder?

Updated Apr 16, 2015

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Clue4-Letter Word#
*What you toss a [Rung 18] into*1
Owl's noise2
Black stuff in a fireplace3
*The act of putting up a [Rung 18]*4
To prove something exists5
Not fast6
Equipment for turning over soil7
Maneuver in a game8
*To engage in a game of basketball*9
What you put in a kiln10
Small edible shellfish11
Clue4-Letter Word#
*A word often preceding [Rung 22]*12
Stitches on clothes13
*Group of players*14
Blue-green color15
To give information to someone16
Not short17
*Orange or brown sphere*18
A baseball pitching error19
Money 'storage' facility20
One of a stacked bed set21
*To throw the [Rung 18] downward into the [Rung 1]*22

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