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Can you name the different categories of things from Harry Potter?

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Name the 10 Horcruxes and Deathly Hallows (7 Horcruxes + 3 Hallows)
Who are the 9 known characters that die in the Battle of Hogwarts
What are the 8 classes Harry must take in his first year
What were the 7 protective enchantments as obstacles to the Sorcerer's Stone
Who were the 6 other prisoners of the Malfoy Manor who escape alive in Book 7, aside from Harry
Who were the 5 Triwizard Tournament Judges
Who were the 4 Makers of the Marauder's Map
What are the 3 Unforgiveable Curses
Who are the 2 girlfriends of Harry
What is Harry's Bogart?

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