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Can you name the following people, places and things spelled with exactly 3 e's?

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70s/80s band fronted by Jeff Lynne
American program to aid allies in WWII
Phil Hellmuth won its 1989 Main Event
Mr. Burns' catchphrase
1971 Best Picture starring Gene Hackman
Fahnenflucht! Verrat! Bringen Sie mir...
Lithium or radon
16th/17th century playwright
You need it to prove a legal or scientific assertion
Host of the show following The Daily Show
1862 Victor Hugo novel
1985 USA for Africa charity single
Adam and Eve's first home
Athlete's equivalent of 'fired'
15-letter synonym of myopia
Currency comparison method
Star Wars V subtitle, The...
Florida wetlands and National Park
Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak's show
NCAA basketball tournament regional finals
Country between Canada and Mexico
Fermented curd
African American astrophysicist and 7-time Colbert guest
The Hellenic Republic
Scifi starship, later U.S. space shuttle
Key figure of French Reign of Terror (last name)
A 13-19 year old
Jeopardy host
Insect, or Volkswagen car
Bell's 1876 invention
Film critic and Siskel's longtime partner
There are 180 in a triangle and 360 in a circle
Matthew Broderick's 1986 title role
American scientist famous for his work on peanuts
JFK's assassin
Saturday and Sunday
What CNN stands for
Pittsburgh's NFL team
Backside of a coin or flag (antonym obverse)
Whole Lotta Love' band
McCartney song, theme to Bond movie of same name
Southernmost Great Lake
Microstate with capital at Vaduz
Illness caused by insulin resistance (2-3 words)
Frontman for Queen
27 time MLB champions
Rule of law established by a head of state
Booming voice of CNN and Mufasa

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