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Can you name the things with 'bad,' 'badder,' 'worse,' or 'worst' in their name?

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Homestar Runner character
Neil Sedaka's 1975 #1 hit
Missouri River tributary in South Dakota
3-word expression describing the most negative possible outcome
Michael Jackson's first solo tour, from 1987-1989
Band which made 'Can't Get Enough' and 'Shooting Star'
Band founded by Bentley, Graffin, Gurewitz, and Ziskrout
2003 Thornton and Mac film
COPS theme song
1982 George Thorogood song
1988 Bon Jovi single from album 'New Jersey'
A misfortune that would less preferable to dying
Infamous Keith Olbermann segment
The top 3 were Tony Blair, Jordan, and Margaret Thatcher
'Weird Al' Yankovic's album parodying Michael Jackson's 'Bad'
1966 Sergio Leone film starring Clint Eastwood
'Award' won by The Love Guru in 2008
5-word idiom meaning if a very bad situation develops
2004 anti-Bush book by a former White House Counsel to Nixon
U.K. series about bad drivers; many international versions
2008 short-lived US Sitcom starring Kyle Bornheimer
Lynn Johnston's comic strip, 1979-2008
How Jim Croce describes Leroy Brown just before 'meaner than a junkyard dog'
CCR song from 'Green River' with a garbled refrain

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