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Can you name the things with 'bad,' 'badder,' 'worse,' or 'worst' in their name?

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Missouri River tributary in South Dakota
Lynn Johnston's comic strip, 1979-2008
CCR song from 'Green River' with a garbled refrain
'Award' won by The Love Guru in 2008
1982 George Thorogood song
2003 Thornton and Mac film
2004 anti-Bush book by a former White House Counsel to Nixon
Infamous Keith Olbermann segment
Homestar Runner character
A misfortune that would less preferable to dying
Band which made 'Can't Get Enough' and 'Shooting Star'
1966 Sergio Leone film starring Clint Eastwood
The top 3 were Tony Blair, Jordan, and Margaret Thatcher
Michael Jackson's first solo tour, from 1987-1989
3-word expression describing the most negative possible outcome
'Weird Al' Yankovic's album parodying Michael Jackson's 'Bad'
U.K. series about bad drivers; many international versions
Neil Sedaka's 1975 #1 hit
1988 Bon Jovi single from album 'New Jersey'
How Jim Croce describes Leroy Brown just before 'meaner than a junkyard dog'
2008 short-lived US Sitcom starring Kyle Bornheimer
Band founded by Bentley, Graffin, Gurewitz, and Ziskrout
5-word idiom meaning if a very bad situation develops
COPS theme song

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