This or That U.S. Presidents Blitz

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Can you name the correct U.S. president for each either-or?

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Served earlier: Jefferson or Lincoln?
Had more V.P.'s: Tyler or FDR?
Born later: Nixon or Kennedy?
Reelected: Polk or McKinley?
Younger when inaugurated: Bush 41 or Clinton?
Never won popular vote: B. Harrison or Bush 43?
Attended Harvard: Adams or Madison?
Had mustache: Teddy Roosevelt or Lincoln?
Died in office: Taylor or Fillmore?
Served later: Andrew Johnson or Arthur?
Was also a vice president: Adams (2nd pres.) or Monroe?
Also a Sec. of State: J.Q. Adams or Jackson?
Served between 1 and 2 terms: JFK or LBJ?
Spoke Dutch: Van Buren or Garfield?
Older when inaugurated: W. Harrison or Reagan?
Elected twice: LBJ or Nixon?
Held a patent: Jefferson or Lincoln?
From New Hampshire: Pierce or Buchanan?
Lived past 90: Hoover or Truman?
Served in military: Hayes or Cleveland?

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