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Can you name the following past and present popularizers of science?

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Claim to FameScientist and/or Popularizer
Eccentric, bongo playing creator of an eponymous diagram
Author of 'A Brief History of Time'
Biochemist and author of 'Foundation' and 'Guide to Science'
Host of 1978 TV Series 'Connections'
Hayden Planetarium director and 7-time Colbert guest
Author of '2001' and 1961 Kalinga Prize awardee
String theorist, futurist, and author of 'Physics of the Impossible'
Host of the 'Life' series, starting with 'Life on Earth'
One of the two hosts of 'Mythbusters'
'The Science Guy'
Host of 1980 TV Series 'Cosmos'
Essayist for 'Natural History' magazine, wrote 'Mismeasure of Man'

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