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Can you name the name shared by the given historical figure and athlete?

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Historical FigureLast NameSports Figure
Horatio (1758-1805)Jameer (NBA)
Charlie (1933-2010)Mookie (MLB)
Ulysses (1822-1885)Horace (NBA)
C.S. (1898-1963)Carl (Track)
Isaac (1643-1727)Nate (NFL)
Neville (1869-1940)Wilt (NBA)
Andrew (1767-1845)Bo (Multiple)
Bertrand (1872-1970)Bill (NBA)
Sam (1918-1992)Bill (NBA)
H.G. (1866-1946)David (MLB)
Historical FigureLast NameSports Figure
Roger (1603-1683)Ted (MLB)
Potter (1915-1985)Tony (NASCAR)
Mathew (1822-1896)Tom (NFL)
Cesar (1927-1993)Eric (MLB)
John (1800-1859)Jim (NFL)
Neil (1930-)Lance (Cycling)
Nathanael (1742-1786)Kevin (NFL)
John (1755-1835)Brandon (NFL)
Sam (1722-1803)Sam (NFL)
Brigham (1801-1877)Steve (NFL)

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