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Sports: Pro Teams by Player
Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper 
Alfred Morris, London Fletcher 
John Wall, Bradley Beal 
Alexander Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom 
Music: Bands/Musicians by Song
Up Around the Bend; Who'll Stop the Rain 
Baba O'Riley; You Better You Bet 
Go Your Own Way; Gypsy 
Eat It; White & Nerdy 
Television: Shows by Quote
'Oh, I don't think so, Tim' - Al 
'Now this is the story, all about how' - Will 
'And how much did you wager?' - Alex 
'I have a cunning plan' - Baldrick 
Movies by Actors
Graham Chapman, Michael Palin (1975) 
Robert Hays, Leslie Nielsen (1980) 
Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones (1993) 
Carrie-Anne Moss, Keanu Reeves (1999) 
History: Presidents by Last Year in Office
Entertainment: Comedians by Album/Special
Himself (1983) 
Strategic Grill Locations (1999) 
Making Lite of Myself (2007) 
Hot and Fluffy (2007) 
Gaming: Game by Objective
Checkmate the opposing King 
Win pots by making hands or forcing folds 
Make words from a rack of 7 letters 
Finish quizzes within a set time limit 

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