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2009 Ben Affleck-Russell Crowe flick
Common method of deciding a champion in a sport; college football is a notable exception
1980 Alan Parsons Project hit on 'The Turn of a Friendly Card'
Hef's magazine
1988 horror film directed by Tom Holland
Sony game console with 3 basic iterations so far
Common 4 word misquotation of a line in 'Casablanca'
Colloquial name for the final possession of the 1982 Stanford-Cal football game
When a baseball inning ends on one swing; 15 of them have been unassisted
A pun is an example of it; or, a 2006 movie about crosswords
Brand name of a children's arts and crafts modelling compound
Band made up of Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Chris Martin, and Will Champion
When the quarterback fakes a handoff then looks to pass
Hip-hop duo that made platinum on '2 Hype' and 'Funhouse'
A cage for tots to keep them from hurting themselves
One might have a swing set and a see-saw
Website founded in 1998 that sells CDs, DVDs, other items
1976 hit from Wild Cherry's self-titled album
A way animals avoid predators, technically called 'thanatosis'

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