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Can you name the person pictured on the Time cover of the given date, when also given the headline?

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Justice - At Last7/20/1981
New Era in North Viet Nam9/12/1969
Death in the Fast Lane3/5/2001
We, the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant, [Person], not guilty of the crime of murder10/16/1995
The $5,000,000 Fighters3/8/1971
Why Is This Man So Popular?7/7/1986
[Person] Why He's a Thriller - Inside His World3/19/1984
The Pardon9/16/1974
Why Forgive? [Person] Pardons the Gunman1/9/1984
Truth and Consequences8/24/1998
Why [person] arouses such passion, and what it means for the country12/1/2003
Dictator [person] In death's shadow, a fight for power3/16/1953
Novelist [person] The luck, she is still running good12/13/1954
It's Over [Person] and Charles are history, but a battle royal looms over her future3/11/1996
When the Music Died12/22/1980

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