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Niece Harriet Lane served as First Lady
Died of cholera after 3 months out of office
Born last name Blythe, he took stepfather's last name at age 14
Won 99.6% of electoral vote in reelection
Barbara Bush was his 4th cousin 4 times removed
He and his wife sometimes spoke in Chinese at events to prevent the guests from eavesdropping
Suffered from Addison's disease
Had 15 children, most of any president
Nickname Old Kinderhook possible source of expression O.K.
Only President to appoint a former President to the Supreme Court
Suffered heart attack, stroke, and aneurysm in first 5 years in office
Last president with facial hair
First V.P. since Van Buren to immediately succeed to presidency by election
Slept in chair for most of childhood due to severe asthma
Only president with an M.B.A.
Widely believed to have been inaugurated while drunk
First President with electric lights in the White House, though he and his wife were afraid of electrocution and rarely used them
Attempt at third term fell to Garfield
Second inaugural address still shortest inaugural address ever
Never voted, even in own election
Ran after presidency with the Know Nothing Party; won only Maryland
First president born in a hospital
Wife refused to serve alcohol at social functions
Proposed to wife after one date
Likely suffered from the paralyzing Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Wife Ida had bad case of epilepsy and often sat next to husband instead of across the table
Served two full terms and issued zero vetoes
Last president not to go to college
Attended Hampden-Sydney College (Class of 1791), but did not graduate
Only patent holder to become President
Impressed friends by writing in Greek and Latin simultaneously
Last president to have been born or died on July 4
Married same woman twice (her divorce hadn't been finalized)
Birth name was Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
Rarely went to bed before 2 A.M. in early presidency, often taking walks after midnight
Second longest lived signer of the Declaration of Independence
First President to later serve in Congress
Wife was unofficial acting president after he suffered a stroke and wouldn't resign
Nicknamed 'Landslide' after a highly contested 87-vote Senatorial primary victory
First president born outside contiguous U.S.
Issued 584 vetoes
Lived last years on Montpelier (in Virginia, not Vermont)
Switched to the other major party at age of 51 years old

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