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First name of a NFL Hall of Fame QB and former 49er
A kitchen utensil (e.g. a colander), or a mathematical theory
Leningrad was subject to one in World War II
A light burning, sometimes intentional, sometimes not
Just a bit, especially of a color
The currency of Kazakhstan
Can come with prefixes re-, a- or suffixes -ful, -ance
When you are on this, something is about to happen
What you have to do when your lane is ending
TV wife of Homer Simpson
Site of 2 World War I battles
An Old French word for mountain, often used with Caribbean ones
Ti _____, a character from 'Once on This Island'
Everest or McKinley, e.g.
MLB Hall of Famer Robin of the Brewers
Last name of a NFL Hall of Fame QB and former 49er

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