Law Alma Maters (U.S.)

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Can you name the universities at which the following people received their J.D. (or other law degree)?

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Robert Cochran, Sandra Day O'Connor, Wm. Rehnquist
Ben Cardin, Martin O'Malley, Chuck Mathias
Jay Bybee, Chris Cannon, Steve Young
Harper Lee, Jeff Sessions, George Wallace
Johnnie Cochran, Pat Haden, Robert Shapiro
Hale Boggs, Huey Long, David Vitter
Ann Coulter, Dick Gephardt, Valerie Jarrett
Eric Cantor, Henry Clay, Jerry Kilgore
Jerry Springer, John Paul Stevens, Harold Washington
James Baker, Lloyd Bentsen, Kay Bailey Hutchison
Mitch Daniels, Dick Durbin, Michael Steele
Rudy Guiliani, Ed Koch, Paul Tagliabue
Barack Obama, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt
Robert Bork, Carol Moseley Braun, Ramsey Clark
Richard Nixon, Charlie Rose, Drew Rosenhaus
George Allen, Laura Ingraham, Ted Kennedy
Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Clarence Thomas
Ed Meese, Dean Rusk, Earl Warren
A Sporcle editor, William Saxbe, George Voinovich

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