Presidents Do the Darndest Things

Random History or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the presidents by a questionable act, quote, supported legislation, etc. of theirs?

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Watergate coverup
Monica Lewinsky
Executive Order 9066 (Japanese internment)
'There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe'
Alien & Sedition Acts
'Read my lips. No new taxes.'
Specie Circular
Appointed Albert Fall (Teapot Dome)
'Malaise' speech
War of 1812
'If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it'
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Embargo Act
Bay of Pigs invasion
U-2 incident coverup
2-hour inaugural speech, in cold rain and no coat
Re-segregation of military
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Got stuck in bathtub (true story)
Everything from 1857-1861
Drunk at his inauguration as V.P.

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