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Can you name the people whose names end in -son?

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4th president of the United States
Pop star who died June 25, 2009
Actor first made famous by role as title character in Schindler's List
Secretary of the Treasury from 2006-2009
Tim Taylor's neighbor in Home Improvement
American author of The Amityville Horror
Creator of Calvin and Hobbes
Fictional doctor and Sherlock Holmes' assistant
3rd president of the United States
American revolutionary and namesake of the NCAA Patriots
Popular TV personality and astrophysicist
Jewish entertainer helped popularize jazz and blues
Lead singer for The Doors
Former lawyer infamous for anti-video game stance
Admiral who won but died in the Battle of Trafalgar
Actor who played MacGyver and Col. O'Neill
Bald and blithering cartoon father
6 ft 10 former Major League pitcher
Illinois murder suspect and former police sergeant
Creator of the Muppets
Former governor of NM and 2008 presidential candidate
Former NBA center for the San Antonio Spurs
Baseball Hall of Famer and all time stolen base leader
One of the four Beatles
Golfer nicknamed 'Lefty'

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