Cities by Athletes (NFL/MLB/NBA)

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Name the cities by one player each from the NBA, NFL, and MLB team.

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Robert Griffin III, Bryce Harper, John Wall
Carmelo Anthony, Eli Manning, David Wright
Jay Cutler, Derrick Rose, Chris Sale
Jose Altuve, Arian Foster, James Harden
Freddie Freeman, Matt Ryan, Jeff Teague
Ty Lawson, Peyton Manning, Troy Tulowitzki
Andrew Wiggins, Joe Mauer, Adrian Peterson
Brett Lawrie, Stephen Curry, Sebastian Janikowski
Giancarlo Stanton, Ryan Tannehill, Dwyane Wade
Michael Carter-Williams, LeSean McCoy, Chase Utley
Miguel Cabrera, Calvin Johnson, Josh Smith
Michael Bourn, Josh Gordon, Kyrie Irving
Prince Fielder, Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Romo
Goran Dragic, Larry Fitzgerald, Paul Goldschmidt
Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Rajon Rondo

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