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Method of bishop development on the flank
Tactic where one piece, usually a knight, attacks two pieces at once
Two word term used to refer to bishops and knights collectively
Name for a chess game played with limited time controls (an hour or less)
The Sicilian, or Ruy Lopez, as examples
Tactic where a less valuable piece can't move without exposing a more valuable piece
Most common type of notation, formatted Nf3
A pawn without friendly pawns on either adjacent file is known as this
Governing body of international chess (4 letter acronym, from the French)
When neither side wins
A pawn moves 2 squares forward, next to an opposing pawn. On the next move, the opposing pawn can capture in this 2-word method
The part of the game where few pieces remain, and the final stage
Term for two pawns of the same color on the same file
When a king is attacked but can not escape
File format used to easily distribute chess notation electronically
Highest title that can be given to a player
When a pawn reaches the last rank, this happens.
Older form of notation, formatted P-K4
When a king is not attacked, but the side to move can't legally do so
Numbers used to compare individual performance in competition
The only standard chess set, named for a 19th century English master
Chess variant where the pieces start on randomized squares, named for a 20th century American
Two moves in one, involving king and rook
When a king is attacked but can escape

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