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A pawn without friendly pawns on either adjacent file is known as this
Governing body of international chess (4 letter acronym, from the French)
The Sicilian, or Ruy Lopez, as examples
Highest title that can be given to a player
When a king is not attacked, but the side to move can't legally do so
When a pawn reaches the last rank, this happens.
When neither side wins
Tactic where a less valuable piece can't move without exposing a more valuable piece
Chess variant where the pieces start on randomized squares, named for a 20th century American
Two moves in one, involving king and rook
Term for two pawns of the same color on the same file
The only standard chess set, named for a 19th century English master
Most common type of notation, formatted Nf3
Numbers used to compare individual performance in competition
Method of bishop development on the flank
The part of the game where few pieces remain, and the final stage
Older form of notation, formatted P-K4
When a king is attacked but can escape
When a king is attacked but can not escape
A pawn moves 2 squares forward, next to an opposing pawn. On the next move, the opposing pawn can capture in this 2-word method
File format used to easily distribute chess notation electronically
Tactic where one piece, usually a knight, attacks two pieces at once
Name for a chess game played with limited time controls (an hour or less)
Two word term used to refer to bishops and knights collectively

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