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Reigning NBA MVP and Finals MVP (4th)
American founding father and lightning experimenter (14th)
Former MLB pitcher with elbow surgery named after him (2nd)
(22nd/24th) 'Family Guy' African-American character
Second African-American Supreme Court Justice (3rd)
(14th) Bond actor from 1995-2002
(12th) Singer-songwriter of 'Our Song'
(23rd) Vonnegut short story protagonist
(10th) A main character from 'Fight Club'
'Dune' author (31st)
(21st) Playwright of 'The Crucible'
NFL defensive end OR the former Sen. from Michigan (16th)
'Father of Nuclear Physics' (19th)
Rat Pack member and 'That's Amore' singer (8th)
(1st) Author of 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow'
British P.M. 1916-22 (1st)
English husband of Kate nee Middleton (9th)
(7th) Artist of the abstract expressionist movement
(42nd) Former NFL RB for Broncos, Redskins
(3rd) President of the Confederacy

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